Another family pet shot by the cops

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Sheriff’s deputies responding to an accidental 911 call shoot and kill Azi, one of the family’s dog.  Their job is to protect and serve, not to kill our dogs.   Radley Balko lays out the execution of family pets by police quite succinctly in The Daily Beast.   We have to shine God’s flashlight down on them, it could happen to any one of us.


For Boo Boo

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We have a nomination for the Hall of Shame.  I’m really sick and tired of cops shooting dogs.  Just because you have a gun doesn’t mean you should use it.

Justice for Boy and Zeak

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We’ve got another nominee for Worst Person in the World.  Randy Klatt.  Randy Klatt is a small time cattle rancher in Hamilton Texas.  Randy is one sick bastard.

Now here at My Pledge to Dogs we understand the rural culture of shooting a dog that attacks your herd.  We don’t like it, but we understand it and that it will take years to change.  However, that is not what happened here.  What happened here is sick and cruel and deranged and disgusting and demented and criminal.  (warning: link is extremely graphic)  Randy Klatt gut shot Boy, a 12yo cancer ridden dog and left him to die.  But Boy wasn’t attacking sheep, he was in his family’s driveway.  Then Randy Klatt tortured Zeak and strung his body up on a fence next to the body of a decaying sheep.  Except there was no evidence that Zeak had attacked the sheep, as a matter of fact the sheep was decaying and Zeak’s dead body was still warm.  He hung the bodies on a fence so school children could see it on their way to school and placed a sign on the fence taunting Zeak’s family.  The Sheriff gave him a $50 ticket for it.  Are you freaking kidding me?

Click here to sign the petition.

Here’s who to call.  Punish them.


County Attorney Mark Henkes
100 W. Main
PO Box 706
Hamilton, TX 76531
Office Phone: 254-386-3217
Fax: 254-386-8511

Judge James Lively
102 North Rice
Hamilton, TX 76531
Phone: 254-386-5023
Fax: 254-386-8594

Send two free faxes per day from HERE. (You must confirm email address from your email account before fax is sent.)

Randy Klatt is a deranged monster and needs to be taken off of our streets.


Man hangs dogs while neighbors scream at him to cut them down

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This is one of the most horrifying set of photographs I’ve run across.  (graphic link)

In Homestead, Florida yesterday, for reasons unknown, Jorge Guzman-Zubiaur tied his two dogs together with a rope than ran through a tree at an abandoned grow house in a manner that essentially hanged them.  They could not sit down or lay down.   If one moved, it strangled the other.  The neighbors seeing this horrifying event unfold, called the Police while yelling at him to cut down the dogs.  It was too late for the Doberman Pinscher who went limp and died.  The Dalmation survived and is now at Miami Dade Animal Shelter.

Not only is Jorge Guzman-Zubiaur in the Hall of Shame, but today, he’s the Worst Person in the World.

Rest in peace, Buddy

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Buddy was a 14 year old German Shepherd dog who was dumped at the shelter by his owners.  He had cancer.

Buddy’s owners dumped him at the shelter rather than doing the right thing for him.  A rescuer took Buddy yesterday, brought him to a vet.  Gave him treats, held him, told him he was a good dog, loved him up and let him go humanely. That’s what his former owners should have done.

Today’s Hall of Shame inductee is Buddy’s former owners for dumping him at a Los Angeles high kill shelter.  Shame on you!


Justice for Patrick!

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Last week a maintenance worker at the Garden Spires apartments in Newark, New Jersey was pulling garbage out of the chute to go into the trash compactor.  He noticed one of the trash bags moved.  Inside he found a nearly starved to death pit bull mix.  He’s been named Patrick because he was found on St. Patrick’s Day.  Now Patrick has become a bit of an internet celebrity and donations have come in from all over the world to help with his care.  A local veterinary hospital has worked tirelessly to save his life.

Cruelty charges have been filed against Kisha Curtis for nearly starving this poor baby to death.  She has been charged with two criminal counts which carry a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail OR a $1000 fine and community service.  That’s it.  Shame on Kisha Curtis and shame on New Jersey for such weak laws protecting the innocent.


Justice for Baby -nobody puts baby in a corner

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Guess the breed.


I defy you to get it right.

From the website Justice for Baby.

Baby is an 11 year old Samoyed who arrived at the Brooklyn ACC (Animal Care & Control) on February 7, 2011 as a stray. Baby had previously been adopted from the ACC and her owner was identified via Baby’s implanted microchip. Due to Baby’s physical, medical and emotional condition the ACC contacted the ASPCA to evaluate her case for cruelty and neglect. The ASPCA allegedly did an initial investigation but declined to further pursue the case and as a result, Baby was picked up by her owner on February 15, 2011 despite the fact that 1) ACC staff believed Baby should not have been released to her owner, 2) a Samoyed rescue was willing to pull her out of the shelter through the ACC’s New Hope Program, and 3) a woman who is very familiar with this breed and had been in contact with the Samoyed rescue was willing to adopt her. Baby was also guaranteed transport to the rescue and if need be, her new home.

A swing and a  miss on the part of the ASPCA.  Today, we put Baby’s owner and the ASPCA in the Hall of Shame.  Because the owner should have never let that happen to her, and it is abuse, the ASPCS should be pursuing it.

Link to her facebook page.

The Carson Girl

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This poor dog never got a name.  She was dumped at the Carson shelter at 13 years old.  Her owners said “They didn’t want a senior”.  I wonder what this family is going to do when Grandma gets old.  She labored at the Carson shelter for several days while a local rescuer worked to get transport and a vet set up to pull her.  I normally won’t volunteer to take a dog because I’m at the City limit.  I volunteered to take her if no one else could, that’s how outrageous the situation was.  The local rescuer was able to line up a local foster, transport and a vet.  When the transport arrived, the Carson shelter dilly dallied about for two hours and wouldn’t release the dog.  When the local rescuer called that evening they said she was failing and they were going to put her down.  But that’s not what happened.  She suffered for another two days at Carson before they finally euthanized her.

As a society, we did not do this poor dog right.  Rescuers pull dogs all the time to give them what I call “three hots and a cot”.  A couple of good meals, some good scratches on the head, some love and let them go.  That’s all this girl needed and that’s what they were prepared to give her.  While Carson did a terrible job for this poor soul, today we put the Carson Girl’s previous owners in the Hall of Shame.  Because you NEVER dump an old dog.