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1. I will only breed for the betterment of my breed.
2. I will health test every sire and dam and will not breed those found to have health defects.
3. I will temperament test every sire and dam and will not breed those known to throw pups with temperament deficiencies, such as overt aggression, OCD, fear aggression, separation anxiety and other similar disorders.
4. I will breed to the standard of my chosen breed.
5. I will finish the sire and the dam in an appropriate category for my breed, be it conformation, herding, agility or working dog titles.
6. I will microchip or tattoo every animal produced with my own information so that if lost or stolen the pet will always find its way home though me.
7. I will discontinue a line if it is found to have health or temperament issues.
8. I will perform home checks and ascertain that the person I am selling a dog to is qualified to own my breed and will take responsibility for the proper care and raising of the dog I have produced.
9. I will require all pet quality pups or those that will not be actively shown to be spayed or neutered when medically appropriate for the animal.
10. I will socialize my puppies within my household and if appropriate in the community.
11. I will require all puppy purchasers to execute a contract stating that they will return the dog to me if it can longer stay in the home at any point during the dog’s life.
12. I will practice the highest level of animal husbandry.


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