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1. I will spay or neuter my dog unless it is inappropriate due to a serious medical condition. If that is the case, I will make every precaution to assure that no accidental breeding occurs.
2. I will make the changes I need to in my life to benefit and enhance my dogs new life
3. I will feed my dog properly and keep my dog at a healthy weight as determined by my veterinarian.
4. I will play with my dog. I will allow time for my dog to fulfill their dog instincts.
5. If I have a working, herding, sporting or any other breed that has a natural need for a job I will take the time to ensure that the dog’s mind is exercised.
6. I will provide veterinarian care for my dog at the very least annually, and more importantly whenever my dog is sick or injured without delay.
7. I will keep my dog up to date on those vaccinations recommended by my veterinarian
8. I will license my dog
9. I will not allow my dog to be a nuisance by allowing them to run free or out of my control.
10. I will work with my dog to curtail barking while I am away
11. I will microchip or tattoo my dog and keep the registry up to date on my current address.
12. I will keep my dog secure and safe, allowing them to sleep inside at night.
13. I will not leave my dog outside in the elements be it heat, cold or weather without proper shelter.
14. I will provide my dog plenty of clean fresh water.
15. I will keep my dog clean and groomed.
16. I will provide proper bedding for my dog.
17. I will take my dog to dog training classes and spend time every week maintaining that training for the rest of his life.
18. I will make my dog part of my family
19. I will clean up after my dog.
20. If I can no longer keep my dog, I will not abandon them in an empty structure, turn them loose in the country or on a road or dump them. I will find them appropriate new home. I will be honest about my dogs behaviors both good and bad.
21. I will not chain my dog.


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